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Career awareness

Are you interested in finding the most suitable career for yourself?

This eLearning course is designed for people who want help in finding the best fit profession and career path for themselves, through a better understanding of their personality and behaviour. In this course Extended DISC Personal Behaviour Style assessment is used, so that you may get to know yourself better, and choose a career that plays to your strengths. By completing this course, you will also learn about how to choose a career, how to research and navigate job markets, how to write a good CV, how to prepare for a job interview, and how to use social media, such as LinkedIn, to market yourself as a valuable employee. With this course we aim to help you toward a path of career development and success!

Money Money

Money is an important part of everyday life. Throughout life, everyone faces unexpected events that demand better management of monetary circumstances. When facing troubles, the combination of your own mindset, behaviour and knowledge is vital in overcoming them and in reaching a better financial satisfaction level.

Our course is designed to facilitate your understanding of your financial behaviour and enhance your finance attitude. You will gain knowledge through simple and to the point guidance, with easy-to-use information and practical examples as the best way forward in reaching your financial goals.

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Food Hygiene courses

Food safety training is a vital requirement for any food related business, and it helps consumers feel confident about the food they eat.

Our Food Hygiene courses teach the fundamental skills needed to perform the role of a food handler. It teaches how to recognize, control and prevent potential food safety hazards from occurring, so as to prevent and minimize the risk of individuals becoming sick. Building a strong foundational food safety knowledge is critical. If you are new to the food industry and involved in manufacturing or supporting food production, you must understand your role in protecting consumer health. It is important for you and essential for your company. This course provides that foundational background.

Our Food Hygiene courses are made for persons who need good knowledge and practical skills, how to think and act while preparing food or working in a kitchen or in places where food is produced or handled, like food production facilities, agriculture, fishing, shops and markets, hotels, restaurants, cafés or in catering business. These skills apply for businesses and households, monasteries, and institutions. Wherever raw food is handled.

Five different focus areas will be giving you the skills you need (read below).

1. Your role in food hygiene

Do you work in the food industry, wholesale, retail, or perhaps in hospitality industries? Are you thoroughly aware of the important role you play in food hygiene? This eLearning course is for you!

This course is designed for people who are aiming to or already work with food and want to learn how to take better care of their personal hygiene, including topics such as how, when, and where to wash your hands to prevent food contamination, and what to wear in your food-related profession. The course takes roughly 30 minutes to complete and after successfully completing the assessment, you will be rewarded a certificate. The course has been developed with the experience of skilled professionals to help you learn all about the vital aspects of your role in food hygiene. Come learn with us!

2. Foodborne illnesses – What and why

Microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, can cause foodborne illnesses, and are always present in the kitchen, even when we cannot see or smell them.

This course will teach you the causes of foodborne illnesses, the symptoms and what illnesses they can cause and through which foods. You will learn measures to prevent the spread of microorganisms and what to do if an outbreak occurs. You will learn to spot risks and hazards in your environment regarding microorganisms. We also teach you about allergens and what you must do to protect your customers.

3. Safe food operations

This course covers safe food operations through the logical food flow in a kitchen, from purchasing, to storing, preparing, cooking, cooling, serving all the way to the disposal of food waste. You will learn what you shall be careful about in each flow state. You will understand why and how to work safely in a kitchen, what to look for and what to do and what not to do, in different phases of food flow. You get hands-on skills how to operate and what tools you can use to keep food safe for human consumption.

4. Cleaning and sanitation

This fourth part concentrates on how to clean and sanitize the kitchen and areas connected to it. Hands-on instructions what to do and how often and what to use to clean the areas. You will gain the understanding why you must clean areas and equipment with different tools and frequencies. The course has several modules all from washing dishes to cleaning the fat traps. Practical skills to an important area in food safety.

5. Food waste management

Waste handling is an incredibly relevant issue in the world. Food preparation and serving creates a lot of waste and waste means cost. There is a correlation between your waste management and your profit. This course provides practical skills how to handle food waste and how to organize it effectively. You will learn what to segregate and how to sort waste further for sustainable operations and for the wellbeing of the world.

Circular Economy courses

We are creating an education product family centred around circular economy (CE). Circular economy aims to replace the linear economy model of “take-make-waste”, with a sustainable economic model which increases product longevity and resource efficiency.

Our first course in our CE education product family will focus on waste management and source separation. The aim of this course is to provide consumers with an overview of the waste management process, as well as provide necessary information and practical steps on waste sorting and recycling.

Future courses will focus on material and resource efficiency, sustainable design, production and distribution, and different circular business models.

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