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Career awareness

Are you interested in finding the most suitable career for yourself?

This eLearning course is designed for people who want help in finding the best fit profession and career path for themselves, through a better understanding of their personality and behaviour. In this course Extended DISC Personal Behaviour Style assessment is used, so that you may get to know yourself better, and choose a career that plays to your strengths. By completing this course, you will also learn about how to choose a career, how to research and navigate job markets, how to write a good CV, how to prepare for a job interview, and how to use social media, such as LinkedIn, to market yourself as a valuable employee. With this course we aim to help you toward a path of career development and success!

Your role in food hygiene

Do you work in the food industry, wholesale, retail, or perhaps in hospitality industries? Are you thoroughly aware of the important role you play in food hygiene? This eLearning course is for you!

This course is designed for people who are aiming to or already work with food and want to learn how to take better care of their personal hygiene, including topics such as how, when, and where to wash your hands to prevent food contamination, and what to wear in your food-related profession. The course takes roughly 30 minutes to complete and after successfully completing the assessment, you will be rewarded a certificate. The course has been developed with the experience of skilled professionals to help you learn all about the vital aspects of your role in food hygiene. Come learn with us!

Food hygiene

Food safety training is a vital requirement for any food related business, and it helps consumers feel confident about the food they eat.

This course introduces the scientific principles behind food safety and sanitation practices, as well as practical and effective methods that can be implemented to keep food safe. The course is divided into multiple modules, aimed at restaurant and hotel staff, as well as people working in the food industry, kitchens, wet markets, nursing homes, and more.

This eLearning course is currently under development.