A nine-year-old Kenyan boy has received a presidential award.

27 Jan, 2021 | Hygiene news

Source Independent.co.uk

A nine-year-old Kenyan boy has received a presidential award for building a foot pedalled handwashing machine designed to help limit the spread of Covid-19.

Stephen Wamukota, who lives in Mukwa village, about 250 miles northwest of Nairobi, first came up with the idea after learning about ways to curb the spread of the disease on TV.

The handwashing machine works by users standing on a foot pedal that tips a bucket of water over their hands to clean them, avoiding contact with the surface and thereby reducing the risk of transmission.
Stephen’s father, James Wamukota, said he returned home from work to find that his son had made the device from pieces of wood that he had bought to make a window frame.